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10 Luxury Pastel Kitchens

10 Luxury Pastel Kitchens

From sky blue to blush pink, pastels in the kitchen present a fresh and stylish look for modern living - and not only that, but these soft hues also bring a calming effect to the heart of the home.

Whether you opt for a statement pastel-painted island for a two-tone kitchen look or you’re committing to colourful cabinets to lead your design, we’re sharing 10 luxury pastel kitchens to inspire your pursuit of the perfect sherbet shade.

Why choose a pastel kitchen?

Returning over thirteen thousand results on Instagram for the tag #pastelkitchen, embracing a pastel palette in the kitchen is more than an affinity for a certain colour, it’s a decision led by our desire to create a joyful experience in the room many of us spend the most time in.

There’s more to the pastel kitchen look too, this mood-boosting set of colours also works effortlessly with a number of aesthetics. From herb-inspired greens in timeless spaces to sorbet tones of lilac and lemon for a contemporary feel, it seems there’s a pastel for everyone to enjoy in the kitchen.

Kasia Piorko, Founder of Kate Feather Designs, notes, “Pastel-coloured kitchens evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity in what is usually the busiest and most utilized room in the house. You could opt for complementary pastel shades to create a layering of different tones or add various materials to add texture and depth - be it a white marble worktop or brass handles.”

Features our Latchford and Queslett collection in our burnished brass finish. Project by Bilotta Kitchens

Pastel pink kitchens

Calming and feminine, rose hues and barely-there blush pinks can appear as serene as they can playful. To get the look, team a pastel pink kitchen with a mix of lighter woods like oak or rattan for a natural feel and elevate with accents of glowing gold hardware to embrace a modern luxe design.

Features our Aberdovey and Cotswold collections, both in our satin brass unlacquered finish. Project by Our Home in Dorset.

Features our Queslett collections in our burnished brass finish. Project by Middleton Bespoke.

Blue pastel kitchens

Features our Cotswold collection in our burnished brass finish. Project by RIchard Burke Design.

Features our Queslett and Latchford collections, both in our burnished brass finish. Project by Katie Kern Interior Design.

Features our Cotswold collection in our burnished brass finish. Project by Hayton & Higgins.

Green pastel kitchens

A favoured pastel choice, from muted pistachio to mint green, this particular pastel will help to give the impression of more space. To get the look, pair a pastel green kitchen with pale woods or greys to showcase a sophisticated look or let the beauty of wood channel an earthy mood.

Features our Cotswold and Bakes collection in our polished nickel plate finish. Project by Kate Feather Design.

Features our Bakes collection in our burnished brass finish. roject by The Interior Wanderer.

Features our Lincoln collection in our burnished brass finish. Project by Tulip Wood Interiors.

Pastel kitchen tips from the experts

No matter if you’re dreaming up an all-pastel kitchen design, getting creative with colour blocking or focusing on a pastel feature in your kitchen, let these designer tips inspire your perfect pastel kitchen.

“Mix softer pastel tones with a curved kitchen island or display cabinet to create a sophisticated and elegant environment.” Kasia Piorko, Founder of Kate Feather Designs

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