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8 stylish pantries for modern living

8 stylish pantries for modern living

Spring is a favoured time to organise your home and when it comes to non-perishables, a pantry is a functional must-have for modern living. Whether you’re reimagining a cabinet to store your pantry essentials or you’re designing a dedicated room off the kitchen, let these 8 stylish pantries inspire you, along with our top tips for a pantry that is practically perfect in every way.

No. 1

A pantry with precision, this kitchen cabinet by Krantz Designs makes the most of the space available with a floor-to-ceiling design that also seamlessly blends in with the rest of the kitchen joinery.

Features our Cotswold collection in our burnished brass finish.

No. 2

Get the look of this timeless pantry design from The Building of Us Home and treat the interior as you would styled kitchen shelves. Thoughtfully stack tableware, group glass jars and play around with the layering of pieces to form a pantry you’ll want to keep on show.

Design by Crouch Design | Features our MIX collection in our satin brass lacquered finish.

No. 3

In this luxurious butler-style pantry, organised never looked so good. Belonging to Becky Hillyard of Cella Jane Blog, from the statement-tiled floor to a marble worktop and mirrored cabinets, the lavish materials bring unrivalled style to her neat neutral pantry.

Features our MIX and Oblique collections, both in our burnished brass finish.

No. 4

Our favourite cabinets are those that reveal something unexpected and this concealed pantry by Woodale Designsdemonstrates how with a considered mix of shelving, storage for wine and glassware, along with a compact countertop for small appliances.

Features our Bromsgrove collection in our antique brass lacquered finish.

No. 5

For those opting to bring a new lease of life to an existing kitchen cabinet, the placement is just as important as the interior itself. This McClark Joinery pantry cabinet is perfectly situated by the island, meaning all your essentials are within reach when you need them.

Features our Digbeth collection in our satin brass lacquered finish.

No. 6

Complete with shelving, drawers and a door-mounted spice rack, let this chic navy cabinet from Krantz Designs inspire your own pantry creation. Like many pantry cabinets, it features a contrasting lighter wooden interior to give the cabinet its own identity.

Features our MIX collection in our satin brass satin lacquered finish.

No. 7

Whilst full-length pantry cabinets ensure the space is utilised effectively, you still need to reach what’s inside. Take note of this McClark Joinery kitchen pantry and have a step stool nearby to access higher shelves.

Features our MIX collection in our burnished brass finish.

No. 8

To keep items in order, jars and baskets will naturally be top of your list when thinking about a pantry, however, for designs with depth, add lights to your list like this pantry by Krantz Designs. 

Features our Withenshaw collection in our burnished brass finish.

Our top tips for the perfect pantry

Pantry storage tips:

  • Co-ordinate your containers for a uniform look
  • Be sustainable and reuse glass jars and bottles you already own
  • When decanting ingredients like flour, add the expiration date when labelling
  • Organise using the first out method to keep food waste to a minimum
  • Add hooks to walls for baskets or baking equipment like sieves and measuring cups

Pantry design tips:

  • Choose a cabinet positioned in close proximity to where you'll be using your pantry essentials
  • Make use of the doors to mount spice racks or add extra shelving
  • Keep the interior light and bright so you can see everything with ease
  • List what you'll be storing inside to help determine what you need from the design
  • For pantry rooms or high cabinets, a ladder is essential

For more stylish pantries, follow us on Pinterest.

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