Inspiring Green Kitchen Ideas for 2022: Sage Green, Olive, Emerald and More


If redecorating your kitchen is at the top of your to-do list for 2022, there is one colour leading the way and inspiring the heart of the home more than any other. Our research revealed that Google searches related to green kitchens are up year-on-year by 52% and interior designers everywhere are scanning the spectrum as the colour green makes its mark.

A natural colour to complement kitchens, this year’s trending colour draws on the understated hues of fresh herbs and produce like sage and olive - and for those dreaming of a more statement shade, decadent emerald and deep forest greens are in demand.

No matter your desired aesthetic, look no further as we explore the most inspiring green kitchen ideas for 2022.

Kitchen by Jean Stoffer | Features our MIX Straight Handle with Backplate & Longbridge Pull in our burnished brass finish

Why green is our 2022 kitchen colour of the year

We’ve been admiring all things green for a while at Armac Martin - in fact, last year we featured the colour in both our blog on 6 colourful kitchens and as an interior design trend for autumn winter 21, so what is it about this organic colour we’re coveting?

Abundant with harmonious properties, it’s no doubt the timing of the green kitchen trend is a direct reaction to nearly two years of life as we’ve never known it before. As we crave a renewed sense of living, we’re consciously inviting calm and serenity into our homes when we choose interiors now - and green is a natural choice to make our living spaces a true sanctuary.

The beauty of the colour green also stems from its versatility. With a shade suited to all moods, green suits both traditional and modern styles of decor in equal measure and so when redecorating, it’s no wonder we’re embracing green interiors.

From sage green kitchen design ideas to finding your perfect green colour scheme, we have all the inspiration you need to make your dream green kitchen come to life this year.

The rise of green kitchens

It seems green is the new grey when it comes to kitchen colours for 2022. A quick search for green kitchens on Instagram returns over 90,000 results and with colours varying from muted grey-greens to vibrant and verdant greens, this healing colour yields a hue to satisfy every interior style.

Kitchen by Canavan Interiors | Features our Leebank Handle & T-Bar in our satin antique satin lacquered finish

Jason Canavan, Director of Canavan Interiors comments, ‘We used a subtle green shade but a strong tone to create a central focus. The colour is Zoffany “Cobble stone” and it primarily a neutral grey base with warm green undertones which is enhanced with accents of antique brass Armac Martin hardware and the statement worktop with its striking gold veining.’

Kitchen by Thomas Ford & Sons | Features our Cotswold Drawer Pull & Bun Knob in our burnished brass finish

Exploring green kitchen design

When it comes to green kitchen colour schemes, there are so many options to complement all things green. Our research revealed that green and grey is the most popular combination when users search for green kitchen ideas on Google - in 2021, green and grey accounted for around 41% of all ‘green & [colour] kitchens’ type searches.

If grey isn’t for you, then you may want to explore green and white kitchen ideas for a refreshing look. Add rattan elements and luscious leafy botanicals for interiors reminiscent of the tropics.

If you’re in search of a complementary colour, think pink. This popular duo appears opposite each other on the colour wheel meaning they effortlessly enhance one another. If you’re painting with pink, experiment with faded tones like Zoffany’s ‘Tuscan’ and Little Greene’s ‘Roman Plaster’ or style pink in your kitchen by choosing pink tiles or incorporating hints of the colour through your artwork and decorative details.

Kitchen by Planet Furniture | Features our Queslett Pull & Queslett Square Knob in our burnished brass finish

Kitchen by Herringbone Kitchens | Features our Kingsheath Handle & Kingsheath Knob in our burnished brass finish

Choosing the right colour green for your kitchen

If you’re not sure which colour green to commit to in your kitchen, think about the space you have to work with, the mood you’d like to create and whether you want the colour to make a feature or quietly add interest.

Leanne Dunn, Director of Planet Furniture says, ‘Choosing the right green for your kitchen can be a complex process as lots of elements should be taken into account. Natural light plays a major role, as do ceiling height and window position. Lots of light and space lend themselves to darker or bolder shades. Your choice of worktop and tiling will also influence the shade - natural finishes such as oak and granite look great with lighter greens whereas bright white offers a striking contrast to deeper shades.’


Kitchen by Planet Furniture | Features our Queslett Square Knob in our burnished brass finish

If you’re wondering whether to go light or dark, Leanne Dunn, Director of Planet Furniture notes, ‘Light green kitchens can make the space look a lot bigger, especially if the colour is teamed with another light colour, such as soft pink or shades of beige. A deep, dark green will suit a large kitchen where the space is not restricted and the natural light is coming into the room through different angles.’

William Durrant, Owner and Director of Herringbone Kitchens advises, ‘A darker colour will show more buffs and fingerprints; if you have little ones with curious hands or can't stand to see marks, lean towards lighter greens.’

Stylish green kitchen colour schemes

Giving green the go-ahead in your kitchen is certain to bring a sense of renewal into your home and there are endless ways to incorporate the colour into your kitchen. From painted cabinets and walls to the addition of green tiles or upholstery as an accent colour, now is the time to make it evergreen in the kitchen.

Kitchen by Shape London | Features our MIX Diamond Handle & Diamond Knob in our satin antique satin lacquered finish

Here are some of our favourite green kitchen colours to consider, each creating its own inspiring look.



Kitchen by Gunter & Co | Features our Kingsheath Handle & Kingsheath Knob in our polished brass finish

If you’re seeking sage green kitchen ideas, you’ll be in good company; Our research revealed that Google recently reported a 94% increase in searches globally for 2021.⁠ The colour is often at the top of the list for country kitchens, however, it’s now steadily steering the design of more contemporary aesthetics too.



Kitchen by Hetherington Newman | Features our Sparkbrook Handle in our burnished brass finish

A regal shade that epitomises elegance, emerald green kitchens are a popular choice for luxury interiors. The richness of this colour works especially well with burnished brass details to give kitchens extra luxe appeal.



Kitchen by Thomas Ford & Sons | Features our Cotswold Drawer Pull & Bun Knob in our satin brass lacquered finish

For a modern green kitchen design, mint green is a firm favourite. This soothing pastel shade looks great with marble worktops and equally suits polished brass or silver-toned hardware.



Kitchen by McClark Bespoke Kitchens | Features our MIX Diamond Knob with burnished brass on matt black lacquered

Deep forest greens are sure to make guests go green with envy. The bold use of a darker colour suits open plan settings where the design leads into a dining area. Try a deep green velvet to give seating areas a decadent appearance.



Kitchen by Newcastle Design | Features our Cotswold Cup Pull, Cupboard Latch & Bun Knob in our burnished brass finish

Bring colour to your kitchen with painted cabinets in teal green. This striking earthy colour works well in open-plan settings, adding instant depth.⁠ To warm up the look, opt for traditional brass accents and natural woods.⁠

Green kitchen cabinets

One of our favourite ways to add green in the kitchen is to opt for green kitchen cabinets. Depending on the type of green you choose, painted cabinets can create a truly striking statement or seamlessly blend in with a more subtle aesthetic.

Kitchen by Jean Stoffer Design | Features our Longbridge Pull in our burnished brass finish

Kitchen by Hetherington Newman | Features our Sparkbrook Handle & Knob in our burnished brass finish

William Durrant, Owner and Director of Herringbone Kitchens, shares, ‘To make a green cabinet stand out or the central focus, consider a two-tone kitchen design with the green featuring on a standalone piece like a drinks cabinet, larder, or side unit. Another option is to paint the wall units green and the lower ones a neutral colour like an off-white. Keeping the colour to one specific location will create emphasis and naturally draw the eye.’

Luxury green colour kitchen designs

If you’re just beginning to think about green kitchen interior design, let these luxury kitchens inspire your mood board.

Kitchen by Jean Stoffer | Features our Longbridge Pull & MIX Straight Handle  in our burnished brass finish

Kitchen by Herringbone Kitchens | Features our Kingsheath Handle & Knob in our burnished brass finish

5 stylish green kitchens to inspire your renovation



Kitchen by Brownlow | Features our Arbar Pull in our burnished brass finish

Larger kitchens often lend themselves well to a darker choice of green like forest, emerald or a timeless evergreen hue like Pompeian Ash by Little Greene Paint Company, as seen in this project by Brownlow. The dark grey-green evokes feelings of heritage making it a timeless choice for classic and contemporary interiors alike. Light worktops and walls allow the colour to breathe and ensure light still flows through the room.



Kitchen by Lauren Olivia Design | Features our Queslett Cup Pull, Cotswold Mushroom Knob & 2174 Drawer Pull in our satain brass satin lacquered finish

If achieving an earthy aesthetic is top of your kitchen renovation wish list, this relaxed yet refined space by Lauren Olivia Design is certain to inspire you. Light woods and rattan elements give the kitchen a natural feel and also soften the deeper olive-green painted island, whilst gleaming brass hardware adds a luxe feel to the cabinets and minimal styling in organic textures brings the room together.



Kitchen by Middleton Bespoke | Features our Sparkbrook Pull in our burnished brass finish

This airy kitchen by Middleton Bespoke is a dreamy affair with a mint green peninsula and cabinets the centre of attention, lit by an incredible skylight. Minty tones are often seen in modern kitchen designs, however, this more muted shade shows the colour can add charming character and balance out more modern design details. The room feels fresh, and inviting and achieves that classic contemporary design sweet spot



Kitchen by Elliot Biddle Interiors | Features our Cotswold Cup Pull and Cotswold Ball Knob in our polished brass unlaqeured finish

It’s the colour that continues to prove the case for going green in the kitchen and Elliot Biddle Interiors beautifully demonstrates why. A natural choice for kitchens, sage green is a shade that subtly brings the outdoors in and it feels instantly calming too. For a neutral kitchen with a hint of green, try introducing the colour on an island or feature cabinet; this allows the colour to naturally draw the eye and it looks great with lighter woods and warm brass accents.



Kitchen by The Wood Works | Features our Jefferson Cabinet Pull and Jefferson Cabinet knob both in our polished chrome plate finish.

For those coveting a fresh green kitchen renovation, look no further than this project by The Wood Works. Featuring painted cabinets in Farrow and Ball Vert de Terre, the sleek kitchen teams this perfect pistachio shade with walnut and natural stone for a look that feels tranquil and embodies modern elegance. Emulate the look and style with glass pendant lights and polished chrome hardware.

Green kitchen colour trends 2022

Whether you go all-out green this year and paint your cabinets in stylish sage green or opt for a few emerald green design elements to makeover your kitchen, there’s no doubt green kitchens are here to stay in 2022 and beyond.

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