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Introducing Harold – The Founder’s Collection

Introducing Harold – The Founder’s Collection

To celebrate 90 years of Armac Martin, it only felt right to create something special to mark the occasion. We hold our heritage at the heart of everything we do and so our inspiration came from one of our original founders, Harold McGrail and we’re delighted to introduce you to our beautiful new collection.

Behind the design

Our in-house team worked to design something that would celebrate Harold’s legacy and showcase that 90 years on, Armac Martin is now not only one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of solid brass cabinet hardware, but, also a brand proud of its English origins. 

Featuring six pieces of refined solid brass cabinet hardware, each embracing a timeless aesthetic, Harold – The Founder’s Collection, consists of three sizes of cabinet pulls, alongside a knob, t-bar and appliance pull, offering an assortment of attractive hardware combinations. 

Both luxurious and elegant by appearance and touch, the exquisite collection effortlessly complements high-end interior settings, pairing beautifully with bedrooms and dressing rooms alike.

Each piece is carefully finished by hand in our Birmingham factory to give the collection its distinctive, tactile finish and is available in twenty-one finishes to accompany an array of interior styles from the opulent to the contemporary. 

Details that define

In working with some of the globe’s most reputable and inspiring interior designers, quality is at the forefront of each piece of hardware we make and Harold is no different. Masterfully crafted with impeccable attention to detail, including the weight of the product and the defining hand-finished texture, this is a collection that marries everything both Armac Martin and our customers’ value.

Design notes

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, we recommend opting for this collection in our satin antique satin lacquered finish. This pairs beautifully with the hand-hammered detailing and the beauty of this finish is the authentic antique patina that is applied to the brass before being relieved back to give each piece its covetable brushed-satin finish. 

No matter if you’re renovating a room or simply looking to bring a touch of luxe to the cabinets in your home, our Harold collection will elegantly elevate doors and drawers with ease – luxury, after all, is in the detail.

Discover the Harold collection here

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