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Matt Black : Finish in Focus

Matt Black : Finish in Focus

We’re delighted to begin the New Year by showcasing one of our most popular finishes. Inspired by modern interior design styles, our covetable Matt Black finish gives cabinet hardware an undeniably contemporary appearance, allowing designers to make a bold impact for their hardware choices in kitchens, bedrooms and beyond. 

About Matt Black Finish

Manufactured in the heart of England at our Birmingham workshop and expertly hand-sateened to give each carefully crafted piece of hardware a subtle brushed satin finish, our cabinet hardware is then blasted to give the brass metal its desired surface finish. 

Produced using a highly durable matt black coloured lacquer, that following its application is baked to ensure the lacquer cures for everlasting durability, the sleek finish brings a wonderful contrast to a wide array of interior setups.

The Details

In baking the lacquer, this produces a more durable layer to protect the finish from day to day use and oxidisation. Both sophisticated and striking, this finish suits our MIX collection - the concept allows customers to mix and match their cabinet hardware components for a truly distinct look. The matt black finish also works beautifully with collections such as Sparkbrook, Edgbaston and Bromwich.

The Look

Effortless, stylish and timeless, the beauty of matt black coloured hardware is the versatility it brings. No matter if your space requires strong, bold accents to contrast against lighter hues in a dressing room or utility room, or, cabinet hardware to complement darker, dramatic tones in a kitchen or bedroom, there’s a reason black is such a favoured option in the interior design world. 

‘Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs at least one antique piece.’ - Jan Showers, Interior Designer.

Discover our Matt Black finish today

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