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Trending: Linear Pulls

Trending: Linear Pulls

Linear by definition, this sleek style of pull handle is trending right now in the world of interiors...

Get the linear look

Presenting a less is more feel, the minimalist trend is a favoured look in many modern homes. Centred around fewer pieces crafted from long-lasting materials, every detail of a minimalist-led space is thoughtfully added to accentuate its ordered styling. 

For luxury interiors, the minimalist concept extends further to ensure furniture, fixtures and fittings create a balance of beauty and practicality - and so it’s no wonder that the functional form of linear pulls are a covetable choice to achieve this in kitchens and utility rooms. 

Featuring a simplistic straight structure, linear pulls are incredibly versatile too. Working in harmony to ensure a uniform look, they may be fitted both vertically and horizontally - a purposeful feature of each neat handle.

Armac Martin Linear Pulls

Yielding a contemporary design aesthetic, our linear-pull handles are made from the finest solid brass and promise to effortlessly complement your colour scheme with over 20 signature finishes available to choose from. 

Explore linear designed pull handles within a number of our stylish collections...

The Edgbaston Collection

modern kitchen with marble top island and brass hardware

edgbaston brass linear pull by armac martin

Image credit: Woodale Design

Featuring the Edgbaston Linear Pull

Go back to basics with linear pulls to enhance minimal interiors in the Edgbaston collection. Designed to rebate flawlessly into doors and drawers and available in four sizes, each handle has a pleasing weight. Seen here in our burnished brass finish, the brushed appearance of each handle brings a subtle touch of texture against the otherwise smooth surfaces.

The Quinton Collection

minimal kitchen island with marble surface and dark painted cabinetry

quinton linear pull close up in matt black lacquered finish

Image credit: Woodale Design

Featuring the Quinton Linear Pull

Inspired by Mondrian’s iconic Cubism era, the Quinton collection features four sizes of extruded linear pulls bringing an undeniably modern look to interior cabinets. Seen here in our industrial matt black lacquered finish, the handles add monochrome appeal to this distinctive marble-topped kitchen island.

The Croxford Collection

croxford brass linear pulls collection

Featuring the Croxford Linear Pull 

Artfully angled edges define the design of each linear pull handle in the Croxford collection. Seen here in our burnished brass finish to achieve a naturally aged appearance, the extruded pulls are available in four different sizes, suiting an array of cabinet requirements.

The Jaspette Collection

modern dark painted kitchen cabinet with brass linear handles

Image credit: Thorpe Concepts

jaspette vertical linear pull close up in brass

Featuring the Jaspette Linear Pull

Fluid shapes present an effortless look in the Jaspette collection. Consisting of five sizes, the slight curve of each linear-pull gives the handles a sleek feel to touch. Seen here in our burnished brass finish, the pulls look equally attractive against darker cabinets as they do paired with softer neutrals.

The Longbridge Collection

scandi style minimal kitchen with rug, brass hardware, pendant lights

Image credit: Jean Stoffer

longbridge brass linear pulls collection

Featuring the Longbridge Linear Pull 

With understated clean lines to draw the eye, the Longbridge collection features four sizes of linear-pull for an organised look. Seen here in our burnished brass finish and adding to the overall flow of the room, each handle is positioned to mirror the doors and drawers of this scandi-style kitchen.

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